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Welcome to the Sticker Event!

Your Art into Stickers & Decals

This last year has been tough-- and we've been working to find little ways to bring joy to creative minds of all ages! We're so proud to be able to launch a sticker event! You make the art, we'll make the stickers!

No idea of how to make sticker art? No problem! We'll send you a guide to get started!

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Texture Play

Young Kids

Go on a "texture-hunt" in your home or outside. Find as many textures as you like and then take some time to look over them. Send us 5 or 6 of your favorites and we'll make them into stickers!

Pattern Making

Elementary-School & Up

Choose some household objects such as forks, bundles of toothpicks, empty containers, and more and practice making stamped patterns with them. Snap a picture of your pattern and send it to us. We'll make your stickers from there!

Full Sticker Design

All Ages

Have a design you'd like to turn into a sticker? Send it to us! Create on any medium and send us a picture to work with!


The Sticker Process

Depending on the age and experience of the sticker artists, we can suggest different ways to get started. When working with younger kids or beginner artists we recommend sending us an image of a texture or a print that you'd like to use. We'll incorporate that texture or image in one of our sticker designs such as the Chicks with Eggs or Bunny (don't worry, we'll send you options for designs and ask your preference first!) Otherwise, send us an image you'd like turned into a sticker and we'll work with you to make it come to life!  Prices are: $30 for initial page of stickers (this includes design fee) & $4 for each additional page of stickers. Fill out the form below and we'll send you more information!

Ready to start designing? Let's get in touch!