The beginning of a (beautiful? hopefully!) Blog Series!

The thought of writing a blog has been on my mind (a lot) lately. Most business owners think about blogs in the context of content for their web pages. A blog is a way of engaging with potential clients as well as the community at large (this creative and social component is the fun and uplifting part), but it's also a way to boost search engine ratings and gain publicity for a site and consequently a business (this can become the tedious part of business-centric writing). Of course I've painted a rosy picture-- in order for a blog to do everything the theory promises us, it must be compelling, SEO optimized (more on that later), well-read and more. That's a tall order-- for the blog and the writer!

I've written blogs for other businesses and often the writing just flows; this is all for the best, happy clients means I'm also happy. Based on this experience I thought writing my own blog would be even better- how could it not? This time I'd be doing it for my own business, with no one to answer to but myself. I thought this would be the ideal scenario-- freedom, autonomy, self-reliance! What could be better?

Turns out that in my panicked rush to put out a post followed by a complete creative freeze I began to consider writing for other entities was the better deal (definitely from some points of view). Sure, writing for others means there is less freedom and less autonomy over the creative output, but on the plus side I was always given the vision under which all writing had to be done-- and in my experience this was a firm vision that clients needed to be represented in all written output. This meant I knew exactly what the voice of the blog had to sound like, the frequency with which my client wished to post, the length of each post, the format and stylistic aspects of the layout, basically I was given a skeleton of a blog that I just had to flesh out.

Now that I'm simultaneously the client/ business owner and creative producer the situation complicates itself. I have to fist and foremost consider the vision that I want my blog to help portray to my clients and community, and that means setting in stone the vision I have for my business-- now there's a scary amount of freedom! I also must be self-reliant in figuring out the best frequency for my posts, the optimal length for each piece, and the ideal layout (please help me!)

This kind of double-commitment anxiety has put my blog on pause for some time, but the indulgence must end; I am committing.

I will name my blog, and the rest will follow.

Please allow me to introduce "THE LINE".

My vision for this blog: my blog will represent the duality of being creative producer and business owner at the same time (yes, I will write about the very thing that stalled my blog in the first place). As such, some content will represent the business/ management side of things while other pieces will focus on the creative output side of things. I will aim to simultaneously define the line between these two sides and begin to erase it-- or at least to bend, weave, cut, re-route, and rethink it.

The frequency, layout, format, and everything else will follow-- I will leave myself flexibility to reconsider, adapt, and tailor the blog to fit everything we (my two sides and you, my audience) wish it to be.

In the end I must confess that I really enjoyed writing this introduction-- and I look forward to the first official post!

See you down the line (see what I did there??)


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