Solving the Big Coworking Issues

Coworking can be great-- is great!-- most of the time. Like any other situation in which a diverse group of people come together in a space, no matter how great of friends they are in work or life, friction can-- and will-- happen. We searched for some of the big problems of coworking spaces and found a list that resonates pretty well with our own experiences, from Space IQ:

Believe it or not, sometimes, the problem with coworking is a lack of privacy. It may seem funny given that the coworking trend is known for social environments and a collective feel, but sometimes too much of the "co" doesn't leave any room for the "working"!

Imagine this: you're sitting at a desk, facing someone else sitting at their desk, their phone rings (it's annoying), their facebook app pings... you get it, a social life is good... Then, you see someone else, sipping a coffee, chatting away... but you need to focus (on your work!) not on their phone call. People come in, you find yourself in a trance watching them. What about that work? You leave, vowing to get more done the next day, but, the following morning it seems like everyone decided to show up all at once! It's crowded... cue aforementioned problems, day two.

Well thought out space design can solve most of these problems. At Art of Work, our workspace is made to avoid distractions. Each dedicated desk is built with privacy in mind. As much as we encourage socialization we get that sometimes privacy is key to a successful career. Our common lounge area is separate from the workspace, meaning you can choose your own timeline for social work and private work.

At our coworking space in Columbus, we understand that when you pay for a workspace, you pay for a comfortable workspace-- not a crowded one. This is why we limit our numbers: we will never manage traffic flow in order to sign on more members. You get your space, always. We believe this is key to working comfortably-- and aids considerably in getting privacy when you need it.

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