Our Space, Your Studio

As our business model shifts away from the coworking model that has become familiar (and popular), we realize we have questions to answer! This is what you need to know about hours, fees, and creativity for all!

FEES- Pay only for the time and materials you actually use.

In shifting towards an open studio model we will no longer be charging membership fees-- you'll only be paying for the time you spend at our space, and for the materials you use. If you bring your own materials, you'll only pay an hourly rate for use of the space. If you use our supplies, prices will be clearly marked. This means you pay strictly for the services and products used. Please note, that while you're welcome to bring your own materials, we do have some restrictions (we are not an industrial space, and as such saws, power tools, and other devices such as welders are not permitted; please check with us if you have any doubt about whether your medium can be accommodated).

INCLUSIVE PROGRAMMING- Our studios will be open for all ages to create.

As we are focusing on creativity for all, a large part of daytime programming will be dedicated to young artists (activities are appropriate for children ages 3 and up). Children (accompanied by their parents/guardians) will be welcomed to the studio for creative play between the hours of 10am and 4pm. The studios will be open for adults between the hours of 6am and 10am & between 4pm and 8pm.


Whether you're a parent wanting to bring your kids for a visit, someone who loves to craft as a hobby, or a professional artist, most of the time spent at our studio will be self-guided. Staff members will be available to assist with ideas, guides, and instructions, but you'll be able to practice your art independently. Classes will be offered (both for children and adults) and will require separate registration.


As the way we do business has shifted, online registration will be necessary for everyone. This is to ensure that we have staff on hand to assist you, and that we can keep social distancing requirements. Online registration is quick and easy, and you will receive confirmation before your visit.

This new model, while a little different from a coworking model, best embodies the spirit we wish to promote in our space. We imagine a studio that you consider yours-- to create and socialize in, to connect and grow in. We imagine a bohemian place in which you'll always find a little creative joy.

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