More time inside due to COVID-19 closures? Here are some craft ideas for families to do together!

We're putting out a call for artists/crafters: if you can share a quick video or photo tutorial on an art or craft that families can make together during this difficult period of COVID-19 please contact us so we can share!

We know that our readers, neighborhood, and community at large are going through a difficult time-- soon school will be out in Ohio (where we live) and many other places, and with more and more families opting to stay at home (and work from home whenever possible) things might get a little tricky. This is why we're dedicating some time and posts to providing fun arts/crafts idea to do together as a family-- when you're wondering what else you can all possibly do inside, away from much needed supportive social activities and places that are put on hold while we fight coronavirus-- check this out, and make a craft!

DAY 1 of #artagainstcoronavirus

Let's make bracelets! We're loving this link-- the bigger kids can cut and fold paper to make these, and while the little ones may need some help, everyone can color and decorate their new wearable art! Link to Tutorial here:

Share a picture on our page! Got another craft idea? Share that too!

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