Graffiti Wanted!

Hello artists, and a special hello to graffiti artists in this post! Actually, I've been corrected in a related Facebook post-- what I mean to say, is we're looking for artists (spray muralists) for a... spray mural! (The artist community has come to the rescue already with the terminology!)

It's about time the outside of our building reflected the feel inside-- and we need your help! We're looking for five (5!) talented Columbus-based spray muralists, to bring their talent and paint this side of the building. The theme will be "vines"- but we're looking for five unique interpretations. We're looking to see the ideas Art of Work Studios promotes as themes: connectivity, vibrancy, sustainability and growth.

Got an idea? Submit a letter of intent at

After we receive your letter of intent we will write back with submission guidelines and more details regarding compensation.

Looking forward to your ideas, Columbus!

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