Day 3 of #artagainstcoronavirus : Hanging Planter

Day 3 of #artagainstcoronavirus:

Today we made hanging jars (planters) out of baby food jars and string. You’ll also need

scissors and glass markers or sharpies. Happy crafting!

Step 1: remove jar label and color/decorate. We had some glass markers on hand but colored sharpies should do the trick.

Step 2: cut four pieces of string (you want these to be pretty long, we used about 18 inches) and tie a knot with all four about 6 inches from the end.

Step 3: make the “hammock” for the glass to sit in by separating the strings in sets of 2 and tying a knot with each set. How far away from the first knot these will be depends on the size of the jar, you want the knot to be about a third of the jar length from the previous knot. Try to make each of the two sets as even as possible.

Step 4: redivide string in 2 other sets of 2 by taking one string from each of the previous sets and coupling with another string from another of the previous two sets. Make 2 knots as in the previous steps.

Step 5: place your jar in the string hammock and secure by redividing the sets and tying tight knots around the rim of the jar.

Hang up! For use as a planter with a live plant put a base layer of pebbles and then soil; alternatively a small pot in the planter.


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