COVID-19, Art of Work, and You

As we write this from home, we realize how lucky we are to be able to close our doors and wait this pandemic out-- we also realize that not everyone can do this. To those who continue to work to support the functioning of society we are eternally grateful. And to those who are out of work and struggling, we understand, and can only hope we all get past this period quickly and can begin rising again.

As times are financially difficult-- as much for our business as for many creative professionals, entrepreneurs and other small businesses out there-- we realize some changes are in order.

To this end, we will make the following changes:

1) We are pre-leasing our Pop-Up Shop for June. Normally selling from our venue is reserved for members only, but we are temporarily lifting this requirement in order to provide as many creative professionals and small businesses the chance to start engaging with the public once again from a brick-and-mortar location. 2) We are pre-leasing space for you to teach your classes-- if you have a skill, a talent, or a unique capability that you'd like to share with others, please consider our space for hosting a class or course.

3) We are offering discounted spaces for those who have been impacted by the virus.

4) We have referral credits-- if you refer someone to our space and they sign a contract, you get a percentage of the first month's fee. That's it, no small print, no strings attached. Why? Because we understand the value of a network-- and we don't think all of the contacts and relationships professionals work for so hard should come for free.

To those who are worried about this virus going on longer than anticipated, know that

we are too. If we must postpone any booking, reopening, or contract due to COVID-19 all deposits will remain valid. There's no guarantee of a fixed re-opening day-- but we guarantee your payments will carryover. We hope that during this difficult period we can all take some joy in planning for the future of our businesses, creative pursuits, and life after COVID-19-- and we hope to share in that journey with you.

Thank you, stay healthy, and see you soon!

Your Art of Work Team

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