Celebrating Local-- Leave the car at home and come cowork

Coworking is all about community-- the community of free-spirited artists, freelancers and entrepreneurs come together to work on their own terms, in a shared space.

At Art of Work Studios, we want to take the idea of community a bit farther, incorporating the neighborhood in which we live and do business. In a world rapidly becoming more accessible, in which delivery of a product from overseas takes less than a week, there is something to be said about the importance of local placemaking. Differentiating the place where we've chosen to live and work becomes increasingly important, not only for the economic vitality and "brand" of our communities but for the quality of life we experience. Supporting local businesses has exponential benefits for the community: the neighborhood comes to life with foot traffic, becomes home to diverse businesses, and provides residents and visitors alike with a vibrant scene. While it may always be necessary to source some things from afar, living local, working local and promoting local whenever possible makes our neighborhoods thrive.

Art of Work is committed to the neighborhood in which we've chosen to live and work, and we want to show our commitment by offering a discount to any member who commutes to work by foot, bike, e-scooter, bus, basically in any other way than a private vehicle.

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