Terms and Conditions: 

In agreeing to participate in market days at Art of Work, you agree to comply with all the rules and regulations of the venue, and undertake all responsibility for yourself, guests, and possessions. You will be held responsible for any damage to the space. 

You agree to pay all the fees associated with participating in this event.

This event does not expressly provide or imply any special warranty, and organizers, employees and owners do not assume liability for any loss, theft, damage, injury to property or persons. 

You assume all risks when participating in events at Art of Work. You are expected to use care and good judgement and will comply with any regulations and requests made by organizers, employees and owners of Art of Work. 

Art of Work employees, organizers and owners reserve the right to deny entry or eject any participant who does not comply with the terms of the space or event or if work exhibited is deemed stressful or triggering to any audience. 

You agree to hold harmless Art of Work and organizers, employees, owners and affiliates for any and all legal actions arising from participation in Market days, and furthermore agree to pay legal fees incurred by Art of Work that arise due to this agreement. 

Failure to agree to these terms and conditions may result in inability to participate as determined by Art of Work employees, organizers or owners. 

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