Why Art of Work?

We are a hybrid business, operating somewhere between an open arts studio and a coworking space dedicated to creative activities.


You can also purchase materials on site for a wide variety of art and craft projects. Create with these materials on site, taking advantage of the space and other tools we offer. We have supplies such as paint brushes, looms, pottery tools, stencils, wire weaving pliers and more available for you to use free of charge when you purchase materials and stay to create at our studios. 

How do you use the space?

You can use our newly renovated space as a coworking space-- bring your supplies and pay for the time you spend at our studios. This is the cost effective and flexible solution for artists and creative professionals as well as freelancers and those for whom working from home isn't working. 


We also have kids creative play hours during which children of all ages are invited to make art and craft projects at our space. Simply pick out the materials and tools you'd like to play with and start imagining your project! While children are encouraged to create independently, letting their imaginations lead the way, guides will be available to provide project ideas.

Open Studio & Creative Play

Explore a new craft and practice-- shop a wide array of materials on site and explore them on site in our newly renovated studios. Use our tools on site and minimize the costs of exploring a new medium.


Best of all-- there's no need to commit to a class schedule, no need to worry about making up missed classes or running late.