What we're looking for:


Whether you work with paints or numbers, whether you're an entrepreneur or just pursuing a hobby, whether you're a seasoned artist with a higher degree in fine arts or just in it for exploring a passion, if you're looking for a space in which to work, create, and share in multicultural experiences, you've come to the right place!

Who we are:


We are located at 3186-3188 E. Livingston Avenue. We're right across from Hartley High School and minutes outside of Bexley. We have parking, internet, and lots of skylights! Most importantly, we've got space-- all sorts of space! We've got studios of all sizes starting at $400/month. We think we're great on the inside (we've recently renovated, transforming our space from union hall to creative coworking venue)! We're not so pretty on the outside-- our building looks a little rough around the edges-- but a deceiving creative oasis awaits past this!

Next Steps?


If you like pina coladas... just kidding! But seriously, if you think we're a good fit, reach out! We'd love to hear from you-- to find out about your passions, your goals, and what you expect from the space. We'd also love to share with you our own passions, goals and what we can offer you!

What we're not into: if you ask us a question that we've written about on this page... we're likely not going to respond. If you make an appointment for a tour and are a no-show with no-notice... we likely won't schedule you for another tour. If you ghost us... not cool!